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Minecraft Skins Pro lets you create your very own Minecraft skins using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then submit them to this site to share with the world.   Search our database of tens of thousands of user created skins that you can use for your own.
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Animal Skins (42584)
From adorable to the creepy in the animal kingdom.
Creeper Skins (24196)
The real monsters of Minecraft!
Heroes (54180)
The good guys that will save the world then turn to politics.
Holiday Skins (5864)
Let's get festive with some holiday cheer.
Miscellaneous Skins (44139)
A spot for everything else! But come on, don't be lazy.
Monster Skins (46623)
Creepy, scary, angry monsters, forged by farm animals.
Object Skins (12440)
Inanimate objects forged into a skin, molded into a file.
People Skins (129497)
Just people skins, real or fake.
Sports Skins (11731)
Sports people or objects in support of player unions.
Steve Skins (22438)
Steve's so special, lets give him a whole category.
The Lord of the Craft (183)
Skins devoted to the player server Lord of the Craft
TV and Movies (19605)
Your favorite mostly liberal characters from TV and Movies.
Video Games (32777)
Objects and characters from video games, even from the 80's.
Villians Skins (21071)
The bad guys that kill cute kittens and swallow live fish.
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Minecraft Gaming News

Minecraft News

Mojang Reports Massive Sales for 2013
Date:  2-19-2014
   Posted by Gidspor

Mojang reports an annual net income of more than double the previous year.  They made 128 million after expenses on 322 million in sales.  30% of that total was attributed to the Xbox version and 25% to the mobile versions. Wow what a year.

Pocket Edition Worlds Getting Bigger
Date:  2-19-2014
   Posted by Gidspor

Mojang is reporting that worlds in Pocket Edition are getting bigger.  "We are working on restructuring a lot of code to allow significantly bigger worlds in future updates," business developer Daniel Kaplan said on the studio's blog. "We are also updating the AI, inventory, and a bunch of other things. Unfortunately we don't have a release date yet, but so far, everything is going to plan."   Sounds good to us!  Realms have also been delayed again.  Poor service just can't seem to get off the ground.

New Advanced Skins Coming
Date:  2-16-2014
   Posted by Gidspor

Version 1.8 of the PC version of Minecraft is in development.  It brings a new advanced skins format allowing for different arms, legs and a jacket.  Minecraft apps and websites are scrambling to adapt. Our app is up! 

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 Rumors
Date:  2-12-2014
   Posted by Gidspor

It's being reported that Version 0.9.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition will finally bring caves!  Oh my, we can not wait for this update.  On top of that, it is rumored the update will finally bring skin support to Pocket Edition!  Wow, this might be an epic update.  Here is a list of other changes: New biomes, caves,  new controls, skins and slimes.  No release date has been set.

Minecraft Sales Continue to Skyrocket
Date:  2-6-2014
   Posted by Gidspor

Minecraft is now the third biggest game in history thanks to it's amazing fan base.  The PC version is still the king at 14 million copies sold.  Pocket Edition is at 10 million. Xbox 360 is at 10 million and the PS3 version is at 1 million.  That's 35 million copies!  PS4 and Xbox One versions are coming later this year.  Nintendo seems to have no hope of a version.

Attention: Want great Minecraft capes? Check out Minecraft Capes and tell Mojang that you want them to add capes!

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