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NEW PokeMap Pro -Nearby Sightings Map! 
Posted by Gidspor

First, we still love Minecraft and are on our server everyday but it's also Pokemon time! Here is our THIRD Pokemon app today and this one is amazing.  Help yourself and others with our sightings map app! Get it at a reduced cost for a very limited time!
Link:  PokeMap Pro - Nearby Map Sightings for Pokemon GO 

Try Our TWO new Pokemon Go Apps 
Posted by Gidspor

You can't stop the Pokemon Go craze, especially at the offices off Seejaykay. So what do the guys do? They make not one but TWO companion apps for it!  And what would make it better? How about we make them both FREE! Download our Pokemon Go apps today.
Link:  Evolution Calculator for Pokemon Go! 
Link:  PokeTrainer - XP, Moves, Leveling Guides

Minecraft Hydrolic Press! New Video Series
Posted by Gidspor

Are you watching everyday? Five days every week we put out a new great video. New series called Minecraft Press too! Join us every day!!

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

Thanks for 16,000 Youtube Subscribers!! 
Posted by Gidspor

From our Minecraft server at to our Youtube channel, we have the best community of fans.  Thank you for helping us reach this huge goal of 16,000 subscribers!  In honor of this, enjoy a new version of Minevid with exclusive content for subscribers!
Link:  Minevid for Minecraft 

NEW Minecraft Servers App for PE & PC 
Posted by Gidspor

Help us build the ultimate Pocket Edition AND PC servers app! Seejaykay needs your help to make this the best and it's totally free too.  Download this app, rate it for use and submit your favorite servers. Help grow the best servers app for Minecraft on the App store.
Link:  Servers Pro MC for Minecraft

Elytra Designer for Minecraft 
Posted by Gidspor

Hot on the heals of a hugely successful Shields Designer comes our all new elytra wings designer. Just like our skin creator and cape creator comes the first and only wing designer on the App Store!  Meet the all new Elytra Designer for Minecraft.
Link:  Elytra Designer for Minecraft 

Complete Season 10 of WIBU? Miss it?
Posted by Gidspor

This is the complete season ten of Will It Blow Up? Want to be a part of it? Come build on our server and we might pick your creation to blow up. PC Server:

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

Design Shields for Minecraft 
Posted by Gidspor

Shields are all new on Minecraft 1.9 and we have the ultimate tool to design and export your very own designs. Export the code and drop it into Minecraft.  It's the only shield designer on the App Store!
Link:  Shield Designer for Minecraft 

NEW Series Every Wednesday! Crazy Caves!
Posted by Gidspor

All new series staring Tyler and Lauren. Subscribe and join us every day!!

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

New App! Block Builder for Minecraft 
Posted by Gidspor

Today we introduce an all new app for building Minecraft blocks and papercrafts!  This new app allows you to design any block you want, export them to a resource pack, image or PAPERCRAFTS!  That's right. We have huge plans for this app.  Enjoy!
Link:  Block Builder for Minecraft 

Halloween Special Video Series - Will It Blow Up?
Posted by Gidspor

Ready to season bindge some explosive blow ups? This is the complete season 7 of Will It Blow Up?  The best season yet but dont take my word for it, watch it. :-)

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

Skins Pro Creator 6.2.2 
Posted by Gidspor

Today a new version of Skins Pro Creator hit the App Store.  This new version now supports 11 languages and continues to be the best selling skin maker of all time!  We would love great ratings from our users if you would kindly do that for us!  Don't forget to come play on our free PC Minecraft server at
Link:  Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft 6.2.2 

Season 6 of Will It Blow Up? Hilarious!
Posted by Gidspor

Best episodes ever... the live audience gets set free, chaos, players running around... total crazy!  Tyler struggles, gidspor is still the coolest ever... winning.

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

NEWS ALERT - Pocket Edition 0.11 Skins Are Live!
Posted by Gidspor

It's finally HERE!  Mojang has released the update to Pocket Edition and you can finally use skins!  All of our Skin Apps and Skin Creators work.  Look above this post.  500 custom skins in our Skins Pro for Minecraft are only .99 cents.  Gidspor's Skin Maker has my labcoat from Will It Blow Up? YouTube show.  Enjoy, I am off to play some Pocket Edition!
Link:  Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft 6.1 

Minecraft Pocket Edition Skins Tutorial
Posted by Gidspor

Link: Seejaykay YouTube Channel

NEW Skin Creator for Pocket Edition!
Posted by Gidspor

Try our all new iPhone skin creator made specifically for Minecraft Pocket Edition!  Best yet, it is FREE to download.  That's right, a full features skin creator for iPhone for free.  Download it here today.
Link:  Skin Creator PE for Minecraft Pocket Edition 

All New Apps from Gidspor!
Posted by Gidspor

Ok we have a lot of fun on our YouTube Channel so we thought we would take a break and make some fun new apps.  One is a game about ME! (and the other guys too I guess)   Gidpor's Diamond Miner is an awesome endless game for the iPhone.  Then!  A new easy skin creater!  Gidspor's Easy Skin Creator lets you quickly create a skin with a super easy system of part selection!  Select a head, body, hat, jacket and so much more.  You can even get my labcoat from our Will it blow up? series! 

Link:  Gidspor's Easy Skin Creator for Minecraft  AND Gidspor's Diamond Miner

NEW distant planets
Posted by Gidspor

Massive update to our cool game called distant planets - avoid extinction went out today!  This fast action game will have you racing the clock and your friends on Game Center.   Go crazy and avoid destroying your worlds!

Link: distant planets - avoid extinction!

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